Wednesday    Night    Practice

SUMMER (During Paddling Season)

Our group training season starts as soon as we change our clocks for "daylight savings time". We meet at Fersons Creek park (check map location). We try to launch boats for our practices at 5:30pm sharp. 

The seasoned paddlers travel upstream and back 7 to 9 miles during a workout, practicing wake riding, starts, proper technique and generally building a strong base of endurance. While our newcomers will either stay right in front of the launch site or begin to travel upstream with a veteran team at their side. To see a map of our practice course which is also our club's race course click HERE.

We believe the camaraderie of a club, with group practices is often what creates the greatest athletes, not to mention great friends.

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month (meeting night - DURING PADDLING SEASON) we do our best to return by about 7:30! Immediately after practice we go to a predetermined restruant and have a quick meeting while we eat and enjoy eachothers company. Please note that the purchased dinners and drinks are the responsibly of each members themselves!



 WINTER (During OFF Season)

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month we get together at 7:00pm at the "USERS Center" building in the Village at Fermi National Accelerator Labratory to share our ideas for winter training, next years races, techniques for better  paddling and a variety of other things besides just to share a good time  with  good friends.

On entering Fermilab: (Google maps will also take you to the front door of the "Fermilab Users Center")
At each of the guard gates entering from the East or the West - Stop! – show the guard your drivers license and
he will ask “where you are going”. Tell him the Users Center!

Enter the gate coming from the west on Pine street – travel about 2.5 miles on Pine street until you get to the stop sign in the Fermi village. Turn left, go just past the barn and you will see the parking lot of the Users Center. (up 100 yards on your right)

Enter the gate coming from the east on Batavia road – travel maybe an 1/8 of a mile entering the Fermi village to the stop sign. Turn right, go just past the barn and you will see the parking lot of the Users Center. (up 100 yards on your right)

Inside is the Frontier Pub which serves food and drink. Also, inside this same structure is the Users Center Bar where you can buy spirits to go with your food also.

Let me please just clarify the term defined “Users Center” as a place where scientists from all over the world who use our accelerators for scientific experimentation discuss and share a colaberation of their works in progress. The conversations in our bar can at times get quite bazar. Also let me know if you want a tour of the laboratory anytime and I’ll personally show you around.

Cheers, Steve Conlon (St. Charles Canoe Club – commodore)