Canoe Race Checklist
Written list needed

To many times espically at the beginning of the year we show up at practice and something that makes a good time at a practice or race just an OK time because we forgot something that make our experience less than perfect!

Make yourself a custom list like this and every practice and every race will be a day without excuses. I have my list on a 3x5 card on my dresser!

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If you don't want to think 

but don't want to forget something!!
   1) Water bottle & ice cups
   2) Advil & Vasoline
   3) Watch & watch holder
   4) Gatorade & Water
   5) Power Jell packets
   6) Duct tape
   7) cash   
   8) Food (Kashi & Cliff bars) 
(Fruit) (Slimfast)
   9) Ice chest & ice
 10) Paddles & paddle shoes & PFDs & Wistle
 11) Correct clothes (tried and tested)
 12) Velcro & Tool box
 13) Sun Glasses & Sunscreen
 14) Seat pads
 15) Folding chair
 16) Good travel music 
 17) extra tie downs
 18) post race clothing

Another list for very long distance racing

created by George and Anita Werderich