~ Los Humungos Paddleos ~

Los Humungos Paddleos v0.0

In the begining, Wally saught his unsuspecting brother!

Los Humungos Paddleos v1.0

Wally used up his brother and then he said "I need someone not from around here that won't know any better"! Wally found Nick!

Los Humungos Paddleos v2.0

Wally tormented Nick but eventually Nick caught on. (It took him 344 miles to catch on!) Then came Tave! "But it's on your home turf . .  how could you not go?" said Mastodontico "OK but I'm not wearing your red tights"

Los Humungos Paddleos v3.0

Steve had not consulted with Nick or Tave before he said "Yes" to another one of Wally's adventures! "I don't remember saying yes exactly, but I do remember him saying we have confirmed plane reservations and a place to stay.

Los Humungos Paddleos v4.0 ?????

Beware your picture could appear here next time! BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!

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